Wednesday, December 09, 2009

December 21, 2012

The date of winter solstice in the year 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, has the energy of 11 (1 + 2 + 2 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 2 =11). It is the official beginning of a new era in the human experience, of raised consciousness as we evolve into beings with greater awareness and understanding of our divine nature.

December 21, 2012 will NOT be a doomsday or the end of the world. BUT we are headed toward great suffering and climate changes if we don't break out of our denial and begin to raise our consciousness. Learn more about how to heal your personal suffering and participate in this great upheaval in human history in The Eleven Eternal Principles by Dr. Carmen Harra. We must turn around the course of human history!

As we approach 12/21/2012, our experiences will be more challenging. 2010 will be a year of awakening as we begin to realize just how serious our situation is and world leaders begin to come together to imagine new economic systems and new ways of dealing with climate change. WE MUST ACT NOW! We must evolve or we will increase human suffering around the globe.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Learn how to change your life by avoiding anger, envy, gossip, and despair.

Avoid being around people who gossip, judge, or blame, and do not indulge in any of these activities yourself. Don’t follow the lead of someone who encourages you to have a cynical attitude or to be judgmental of others. If such a leader has skills or resources to share, you might be able to learn something from him, but be very careful about allowing your admiration for his talents and successes to blind you to his destructive beliefs and behaviors. Emulating such people and adopting their low-vibration beliefs will hold you back from manifesting positive circumstances and bringing your dreams into reality. Look to healthier people for examples of how to create what you desire. You do not have to succumb to snobbery or self-righteousness…

Always remain aware of how damaging anger, jealousy, gossip, and depression are. Commit to not letting them be a part of your vision of the world. Work at ridding yourself of destructive thoughts and feelings. Every time you feel a dark emotion, stop yourself, recognize that this will prevent you from manifesting joy and make a conscious decision to take yourself into a higher state of consciousness. If you are angry, walk out of the room. If you are upset, take the time to go somewhere and cry until the feeling passes. Whatever you do, stop yourself from creating a train of thought that prolongs negativity. Say to yourself, “I’m furious right now and that is okay, because the intensity of my anger is passing away even now. I’m going to bring love and curiousity into this situation so that I can learn from it and start making it better.” With practice, you will be able to create a positive intention very quickly.

In this way, you will develop the habit of recognizing when you are about to engage in a battle. Instead of charging into it, you will be able to defuse the anger and fear, bringing in a positive, healing energy. You do not have to feel discomfort in your stomach, throbbing in your head, or tension in your muscles caused by rage. Manifest peace and creativity in your mind and your body, express it, and transform the emotional energy in your small corner of the world.

Rather than avoid someone who is upset, or take on their negative emotional state, it feels wonderful to be able to approach them and gently validate their frustration while offering a possible solution or a little joke to lighten the mood…

Be patient with yourself, because change takes time. If you find yourself losing hope and feeling powerless, break down your plan of action into small steps. A desire to meet a good partner, build a great relationship, and get married is a very large goal. It can be difficult to see what you can do today toward meeting it. The small step you take toward this goal may be to go on a date. Tomorrow you can exercise to boost your mood. The next day you may take some time to ponder a problematic behavior you want to change. Every day, you can take at least one small step toward manifesting the life you say you want.

Give up the desire for a quick fix to your greatest challenge. If you received such a gift, you’d be likely to squander it because you hadn’t learned the lessons you needed to learn along the way to your achieving your goal. People who become rich and famous very quickly or who move in immediately after they begin a relationship with someone often discover this painful truth. Align yourself with the Divine and your goal will manifest exactly as it is meant to, in perfect timing, thanks to your hard work and attitude and a positive response from the Universe.

Want more advice on living a rich spiritual life and creating a more harmonious world? Check out THE ELEVEN ETERNAL PRINCIPLES, read another book excerpt, and visit Dr. Carmen Harra’s website

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Recently, there is been a surge of interest in energy medicine, psychics, mediums, 2012 prophecies from Nostradamus, the Hopi, the Inca, the Maya, and others. The 2012 movie is a box office hit and people are wondering, is doomsday really coming? Are we going to face nuclear war? Will the overpopulation on earth cause global warming to increase to the point of no return?
     We sense that we're on the precipice of a great change, and wondering, “Where are we going? What will happen to humanity?” Problems at home and abroad seem overwhelming, and we think, “How can we possibly fix all these problems?” Our instincts tell us that human beings need to undergo a major spiritual shift, a major awakening of awareness. But we ask ourselves, how can this happen when so many people are so greedy, small-minded, and heartless in their behavior?
     At the same time, much as we want to see the world transform into a more peaceful and loving place, we're afraid of the big changes we'd have to experience in order to bring that about. We say we want change, but we're afraid of suffering and the unknown, so we resist taking the big plunge into a radical transformation. The work of evolution can be difficult, even painful, but we must do it. We need to raise ourselves to a higher level of awareness before it is too late.
     The ancient prophecies of many civilizations point to this era as a turning point when we will undergo tremendous shifts in our experience as beings on this planet. I believe we will avoid a 2012 doomsday. It will not be the end of the world, or of humanity.  It's God's intention that we survive. We've always had God to direct our evolution, and he is not going to abandon us now. But God wants us to follow the metaphysical teachings. We must do our part and resolve our karma. We must experience our unity with each other and the divine, and embrace creativity, optimism, and hope. We have to stop identifying with the man-made world and remember our eternal nature. We are immortal souls who have temporarily taken on a physical form in order to purify ourselves, resolving our karma. We've forgotten that this is the reason we're all here.
    The human race has had to evolve in the past. Humankind survived the Ice Age, and now we will evolve to survive the changes that will happen on this planet as cosmic forces come into play. But we have to stop resisting our evolutionary process and making our problems worse! We can't continue to push back against the forces of change and growth. As human beings trying to save ourselves and our planet, we need to “step it up.”
     December 21, 2012 is a day of 11 (add up the digits 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, 0, 1, 2, and you get 11). It has the energy of 11 because we're entering the 11th house of the zodiac. A new age of consciousness is beginning. We'll turn away from our inferior man-made laws and embrace The 11 Eternal Principles-not just the Law of Attraction but the other universal principles, too: The Law of Totality, The Law of Karma, The Law of Wisdom, The Law of Love, The Law of Harmony, The Law of Abundance, The Law of Evolution, The Law of Dharma, The Law of Infinite Possibilities. You cannot make a recipe with one ingredient and you cannot create a better life for yourself and a better world for us all with just one of the divine laws!
     Have faith and hold it in your heart. Hold on to that belief that we are going to get through these changes together as we embrace the eternal principles and raise our consciousness. Connect with the divine within. Live by the eleven universal, divine principles and begin to imagine how wonderful our future will be.

--Dr. Carmen Harra

Friday, October 30, 2009

At this time of recession and economic upheaval, we want to believe our financial situations will improve, that the institutions we trusted will change for the better and we’ll see our depleted accounts fill up again. Yet many suspect this isn’t going to happen. We don’t see Wall Street embracing regulation and changes. So, while we want to believe in the Law of Attraction, we’re looking at foreclosures, underwater mortgages, job losses, and all the wealth we’ve lost in the last year and thinking, “How did I attract all of this?” People can’t help doubting that the Law of Attraction works.

The real secret is that it does, but it is only one ingredient in the recipe for living a life that’s fulfilling, peaceful, and abundant. Would you make chicken soup with only chicken, and no water or vegetables? Of course not! But people have been hoping that the Law of Attraction can be used all on its own when it is only 1 of 11 eternal, divine principles. If you understand the other principles, align yourself with them and reject the manmade principles you’ve been following, you’ll find the Law of Attraction works after all.

Two of the 11 principles have the most impact on our ability to magnetically attract what we desire. They are the Law of Totality and the Law of Karma. The Law of Totality states that we are all one, unified in the field of energy. What I do affects you. What you do affects someone you’ve never met who lives halfway around the world. None of us exists in a vacuum! If you feel you can be happy with a lot of money even if acquiring that wealth requires you to harm someone else then you can attract money. However, according to the Law of Attraction, you’ll also face circumstances that reflect your inner greed, fear, and belief that you must “get yours” before anyone else does. Let go of this false belief!

The Law of Karma states that we will attract situations that offer us an opportunity to resolve our unresolved karma. Because we are connected to others, via the Law of Totality, we share karma with others. When a group of people—a family or a nation, for instance—is greedy and takes unfairly from others for their own benefit, without thought to the harm they’re doing, they are all affected by the repercussions from this bad karma the group creates.

Although each of us is just one small person, we can make a difference in the web of creation. We can create good karma, affect those around us, and purify ourselves of the greed, fear, and selfishness that hides in the shadow inside of us. Then we will attract what our conscious minds seek. Our own circumstances will improve and we’ll contribute to manifesting a better world for everyone.

What can you do today to create good karma?

Monday, August 03, 2009

As I listen to the conversations about health care in the United States, I keep thinking about the Law of Totality, a divine, eternal principle I discuss in my forthcoming book, The Eleven Eternal Principles (being published by Crossing Press this November). The Law of Totality says that we are all one, that we cannot disassociate ourselves from the whole because we are spiritual beings comprised of energy. We are part of the universal field of energy. We cannot be separated from each other. Whatever we do affects others as well as ourselves, often in ways we can't observe.When people talk about changing our health care system, again and again I hear, “I don't want to lose my health insurance or my doctor.” In their fear, these people do not understand by perceiving themselves as disconnected from the whole, by looking only at their own circumstances and trying to shore up their own safety, they are creating exactly what they fear. We cannot fix health care as long as everyone is out for himself. The lobbyists and the insurance companies want their money. The politicians want money from the lobbyists but at the same time they want votes. And too many voters want what is best for them, not what's best for everyone. What people don't understand is this: What is best for everyone is best for you because you are part of “everyone.” The moment you start believing the illusion of your separateness, you start competing with others out of a sense of scarcity, and you create scarcity. We will all have the good health we desire and the health care we deserve when we let go of this idea that “I can be healthy, happy, and secure when others are not.” There is no security in clinging to the old way of doing things or in hoarding anything, whether it's money or access to physicians. Each of us must find the courage to evolve to a higher level of consciousness. Then we will see our beauty like the facet of a diamond, just one small part of a shining whole.Carmen Harra