Monday, November 30, 2009

Learn how to change your life by avoiding anger, envy, gossip, and despair.

Avoid being around people who gossip, judge, or blame, and do not indulge in any of these activities yourself. Don’t follow the lead of someone who encourages you to have a cynical attitude or to be judgmental of others. If such a leader has skills or resources to share, you might be able to learn something from him, but be very careful about allowing your admiration for his talents and successes to blind you to his destructive beliefs and behaviors. Emulating such people and adopting their low-vibration beliefs will hold you back from manifesting positive circumstances and bringing your dreams into reality. Look to healthier people for examples of how to create what you desire. You do not have to succumb to snobbery or self-righteousness…

Always remain aware of how damaging anger, jealousy, gossip, and depression are. Commit to not letting them be a part of your vision of the world. Work at ridding yourself of destructive thoughts and feelings. Every time you feel a dark emotion, stop yourself, recognize that this will prevent you from manifesting joy and make a conscious decision to take yourself into a higher state of consciousness. If you are angry, walk out of the room. If you are upset, take the time to go somewhere and cry until the feeling passes. Whatever you do, stop yourself from creating a train of thought that prolongs negativity. Say to yourself, “I’m furious right now and that is okay, because the intensity of my anger is passing away even now. I’m going to bring love and curiousity into this situation so that I can learn from it and start making it better.” With practice, you will be able to create a positive intention very quickly.

In this way, you will develop the habit of recognizing when you are about to engage in a battle. Instead of charging into it, you will be able to defuse the anger and fear, bringing in a positive, healing energy. You do not have to feel discomfort in your stomach, throbbing in your head, or tension in your muscles caused by rage. Manifest peace and creativity in your mind and your body, express it, and transform the emotional energy in your small corner of the world.

Rather than avoid someone who is upset, or take on their negative emotional state, it feels wonderful to be able to approach them and gently validate their frustration while offering a possible solution or a little joke to lighten the mood…

Be patient with yourself, because change takes time. If you find yourself losing hope and feeling powerless, break down your plan of action into small steps. A desire to meet a good partner, build a great relationship, and get married is a very large goal. It can be difficult to see what you can do today toward meeting it. The small step you take toward this goal may be to go on a date. Tomorrow you can exercise to boost your mood. The next day you may take some time to ponder a problematic behavior you want to change. Every day, you can take at least one small step toward manifesting the life you say you want.

Give up the desire for a quick fix to your greatest challenge. If you received such a gift, you’d be likely to squander it because you hadn’t learned the lessons you needed to learn along the way to your achieving your goal. People who become rich and famous very quickly or who move in immediately after they begin a relationship with someone often discover this painful truth. Align yourself with the Divine and your goal will manifest exactly as it is meant to, in perfect timing, thanks to your hard work and attitude and a positive response from the Universe.

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ramona said...

Dear Dr. Harra,

Thank you for posting such beautiful ideas. I wish I could find a way for the whole world to understand them. It is refreshing for me, helped me regain the faith and get a feel that my inner feelings are shared by someone else as well.
Love, Ramona