Monday, March 29, 2010

How can a woman begin her journey to success?

The “success” of an average American woman fifty years ago was typically measured by her ability to cook creative multiple-course dinners, scrub her bathroom tiles spotless, and by how cheerily she could greet her husband after his draining day at work. While performing her chores, this homebound woman might have imagined her husband’s position as a powerful CEO of a marketing firm. As she carefully placed oven mitts over her hands, she might have envied that society promoted his gender as the mighty man who tackled the workload in the real world, and suppressed hers as the meek woman who waited patiently for her husband’s arrival each night. This very woman might have dreamed of the monumental day when the exciting prospects which were offered only to men might be rightfully extended to women, too.
   Thankfully, that day arrived: through the rebellious declarations of fervent women everywhere, society slowly broadened its vision to sanction equal opportunity to both genders. Today, if you envision a highly successful criminal attorney, do you automatically know which gender to attribute to the lawyer? Consider that although we did not used to have a collective voice in this world, we now watch proudly as the female Speaker of the House and Secretary of State deliver brilliant speeches. Yet women must continue to leap beyond the bounds of their great female predecessors in order to ensure that the future still lends to them the most honorable of possibilities.
   But how can a woman begin her journey to success? Regardless of her field of work, what steps exactly should she take to guarantee the most positive outcomes in all occupational ventures? Whether she owns her own business or works for a large corporation among many employees, any woman can apply the simple strategies below to advance her career:
·         Every woman should think of herself as a powerhouse and should never be intimidated by the fact that she may have overwhelming extra responsibilities as a mother, wife, homemaker, etc. Most of all, she must never allow herself threatened by the fact that her husband might be the breadwinner of the family; she can provide the same, if not more. She must remain calculated in lending time to each factor of her life; and although she may have to split herself many ways, she must rest assured that she is an intrinsic master of multitasking.
·         Women have been blessed by an amazing creative energy: they have what is deemed the “divine feminine energy,” stemming back to countless ancient sources. Creativity is the key to achieving any goal because it makes the process from start to finish individually unique. Without utilizing her creative mind, a business task will not take off to new heights.
·         Wisdom was granted in abundance to women:  they should rely on it greatly in resolving how to erect the foundations of their businesses. We hold a heightened sense of wisdom over men: there’s a concrete reason that “mother always knows best.” Once the basis of a woman’s business is established, she should rely on her intuitive insight to build it from the ground up.
·         Tying into the former point, women are born with a much keener intuitive insight than men: they are more complete from a chromosomal point of view, as they have two balanced, identical X chromosomes. They must, therefore, trust always their instinct: the capacity of their minds to accurately anticipate when to embark on certain business projects, what types of professions suit them best, what sorts of unique skills and abilities they hold, and with whom to associate themselves in terms of work partners or employees.
·         Women are quite the competitive creatures: we want to do it better than anyone else. They should use this innate gift to their advantage. A woman should not shrink back from this natural tendency, and should never repress the urge to outperform the opposition.
·         We are also very prone to socializing: women are effortless experts in networking. This inherent aptitude derives from the fact that women are the more “charming” of the two sexes: we will instinctively smile more often, greet clients or potential business partners more warmly, and will wish to reach out to more persons in a social situation. That women appreciate a higher amount of attention from those around them than men do easily explains this inclination to network on a greater scale. A certain level of this friendly tendency is allowed in the professional world as it is for our benefit to spike others’ interest in our businesses.
   Women are infinitely talented and indefinitely qualified for success. After all, we are the only ones able to bring new life to this earth, and if we were bestowed with such a remarkable gift, then we are literally capable of reaching any victory for which we so deservingly strive.