Friday, October 30, 2009

At this time of recession and economic upheaval, we want to believe our financial situations will improve, that the institutions we trusted will change for the better and we’ll see our depleted accounts fill up again. Yet many suspect this isn’t going to happen. We don’t see Wall Street embracing regulation and changes. So, while we want to believe in the Law of Attraction, we’re looking at foreclosures, underwater mortgages, job losses, and all the wealth we’ve lost in the last year and thinking, “How did I attract all of this?” People can’t help doubting that the Law of Attraction works.

The real secret is that it does, but it is only one ingredient in the recipe for living a life that’s fulfilling, peaceful, and abundant. Would you make chicken soup with only chicken, and no water or vegetables? Of course not! But people have been hoping that the Law of Attraction can be used all on its own when it is only 1 of 11 eternal, divine principles. If you understand the other principles, align yourself with them and reject the manmade principles you’ve been following, you’ll find the Law of Attraction works after all.

Two of the 11 principles have the most impact on our ability to magnetically attract what we desire. They are the Law of Totality and the Law of Karma. The Law of Totality states that we are all one, unified in the field of energy. What I do affects you. What you do affects someone you’ve never met who lives halfway around the world. None of us exists in a vacuum! If you feel you can be happy with a lot of money even if acquiring that wealth requires you to harm someone else then you can attract money. However, according to the Law of Attraction, you’ll also face circumstances that reflect your inner greed, fear, and belief that you must “get yours” before anyone else does. Let go of this false belief!

The Law of Karma states that we will attract situations that offer us an opportunity to resolve our unresolved karma. Because we are connected to others, via the Law of Totality, we share karma with others. When a group of people—a family or a nation, for instance—is greedy and takes unfairly from others for their own benefit, without thought to the harm they’re doing, they are all affected by the repercussions from this bad karma the group creates.

Although each of us is just one small person, we can make a difference in the web of creation. We can create good karma, affect those around us, and purify ourselves of the greed, fear, and selfishness that hides in the shadow inside of us. Then we will attract what our conscious minds seek. Our own circumstances will improve and we’ll contribute to manifesting a better world for everyone.

What can you do today to create good karma?


viviv said...
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viviv said...

Buna ziua stimata doamna,

Ma numesc Iulia Veronica, sunt nascuta pe 30.08.1974, am o fetita Alessia Christiana, nascuta pe 23.08.2008, iar sotul Daniel Cristian pe 5.02.1974.
Stiu ca sunteti foarte ocupata, dar va implor daca ma puteti ajuta, prin a-mi scrie cateva cuvinte de fiecare. Ma intereseaza cum va fii viata noastra, daca vom duce aceasta casnicie pana la batranete, sotul meu BEA foarte mult, iar eu simt ca am ajuns la saturatie( ne-am casatorit pe 1.11.2008 cununia religioasa). Iar in special ma intereseaza soarta fiIcei mele, care o iubesc emorm.

Astept raspunsul DUMNEAVOASTRA.