Monday, August 03, 2009

As I listen to the conversations about health care in the United States, I keep thinking about the Law of Totality, a divine, eternal principle I discuss in my forthcoming book, The Eleven Eternal Principles (being published by Crossing Press this November). The Law of Totality says that we are all one, that we cannot disassociate ourselves from the whole because we are spiritual beings comprised of energy. We are part of the universal field of energy. We cannot be separated from each other. Whatever we do affects others as well as ourselves, often in ways we can't observe.When people talk about changing our health care system, again and again I hear, “I don't want to lose my health insurance or my doctor.” In their fear, these people do not understand by perceiving themselves as disconnected from the whole, by looking only at their own circumstances and trying to shore up their own safety, they are creating exactly what they fear. We cannot fix health care as long as everyone is out for himself. The lobbyists and the insurance companies want their money. The politicians want money from the lobbyists but at the same time they want votes. And too many voters want what is best for them, not what's best for everyone. What people don't understand is this: What is best for everyone is best for you because you are part of “everyone.” The moment you start believing the illusion of your separateness, you start competing with others out of a sense of scarcity, and you create scarcity. We will all have the good health we desire and the health care we deserve when we let go of this idea that “I can be healthy, happy, and secure when others are not.” There is no security in clinging to the old way of doing things or in hoarding anything, whether it's money or access to physicians. Each of us must find the courage to evolve to a higher level of consciousness. Then we will see our beauty like the facet of a diamond, just one small part of a shining whole.Carmen Harra